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From Thomas, C. Schleifer, Ph.D., Visiting Eminent Scholar
Del E. Webb School of Construction
Arizona State University
Author of Construction Contractorsí Survival Guide

This is the first straightforward, down-to-earth book on how to run a construction business that I have come across. A realistic account of what it takes to start an enterprise and what it's like to be a contractor. Anyone contemplating starting their own construction company should read this before attempting it and every contractor already working at it should study Nick's work to learn how to do it better and to realize that they are not alone when they discover just how challenging and difficult the struggle for success can be. Everyone associated with the construction industry should read this book to gain an understanding of how the business really works.

From Mark Collins, BSBC, MBA
Instructor, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Building Construction Program at Georgia Tech
Consultant to the construction industry

Upon graduation from Georgia Tech's building construction program, I went to work for Nick Ganaway. I appreciated the motivation he placed in us (and himself) to always become better as contractors and as businessmen. As I "ventured out" into the world and developed my own business, I found that although I was a successful project manager, running a construction company was an entirely different issue. Every contractor, project manager, and construction student should read his book. Today I use this very text to teach our students at Georgia Tech's building construction program how to run a business, as well as consulting in the same area.

An added bonus to this text is the final chapter, where Nick makes the case for specializing in chain store construction. To "outsiders" who have not reviewed this market segment, I think you will be surprised at the benefits. If you are not already specializing in a niche market, this chapter is sure to start you thinking about it. 

 From L. DeVoe, a reader and contractor, posted on Amazon.com

If you are a person that is just starting out in the Construction industry, this book can help guide you in the right direction. Many mistakes that I have made in the past 10 years are covered in these pages. I wish I would have had this book back then. It would have made our company grow and prosper without the glitches. I highly recommend this book.