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Here's what construction writer Tom Schleifer says about this book:

"This is the first straightforward, down-to-earth book on how to run a construction business that I have come across. A realistic account of what it takes to start an enterprise and what it's like to be a contractor. Anyone contemplating starting their own construction company should read this before attempting it and every contractor already working at it should study Nick's work to learn how to do it better and to realize that they are not alone when they discover just how challenging and difficult the struggle for success can be. Everyone associated with the construction industry should read this book to gain an understanding of how the business really works."

Thomas, C. Schleifer, Ph.D.

Del E. Webb School of Construction
Arizona State University
Author of Construction Contractors’ Survival Guide

A worrisome statistic from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is that only 43% of construction firms survive beyond their fourth birthday.  Forty-three percent!  Which of course means 57% go out of business within four years. This is not because these new owners don't know how to make money on a construction job. More than likely they came from years of successful project management. But what they probably have not had the opportunity to learn are the many different skills required to effectively run the business of a construction firm. They can absolutely learn this from Construction Business Management.

The book addresses just about every element of running a construction firm--from startup to laying the foundation for and operating a business that is profitable, enjoyable and lasting. The role of the construction firm owner is explained as well as his or her special responsibility in troubled times. The author includes events from his own contracting experience (including mistakes he made) when they support a principle. The book has received praise for its down-to-earth readability.

The book also makes the case for specialization, or niche contracting, a strategy that allows a contractor to become more knowledgeable in a certain field, be seen as an insider, become sought after, and achieve a more profitable business. Read about this niche market here.


Whether you're a contractor, a key employee, a subcontractor, a student, or a facility executive, you’ll find many ideas you can immediately add to your management and leadership toolbox. Adopting even a single one of them will pay dividends now and throughout your career.  

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